Saturday, February 2, 2008

Creation and Evolution In Heaven Revelation

The following is a translation of only two points found in a message on the Web written in Arabic that discusses the conflict between believing in mankind creation and adopting human evolution. The message addresses Arab audience who can clearly understand the meaning of the words in Quran. The original Arabic message actually presents many verses from Quran talking about creation while astonishingly leaving the door open for adopting evolution. The message is for the believers and the nonbelievers; saying that the conflict between the creation of Adam and the evolution of mankind on earth is not necessary. Through looking at those verses in Heaven's revelation which sheds light on the story of the creation of Adam, it is shown that these verses do not close the door in face of believing in evolution. On the contrary, those verses if being looked at from certain perspective, reveals that creation of humans was a process that had a beginning and that beginning was on earth and it went-on through stages. “From the (earth) did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it shall We bring you out once again” This statement from chapter 20 verse 55 clearly states that creation started on earth (not heaven.) (1) In Chapter 32 in Quran, Verses 7-9 glorify the Lord “Who perfected everything He created, and Who started mankind creation from mud – then He made his breading comes from a bread from despised water (a word that describes semen)– then He shaped him and breathed into him of His Spirit, and appointed for you hearing and sight and hearts. Small thanks give ye!” The words in these verses tell that creation had a start and that start was from mud (the origin of primitive life forms), then after some time, not shortly, there appeared a bread that reproduces by semen; probably referring to mammals, then after some time, not shortly, the creation was fashioned and the Lord breathed into the new creature from His Spirit and gave him those distinct faculties. It is the blow of the spirit from the Lord that made Adam and his descendants different from his ancestors and all other creatures, and made all angles prostrate to Adam obeying the word of God. The verse uses him and his for reference to the creature from the beginning until the moment of blowing the spirit, then the verse switches to using you (Adam descendants). (2) In another point in the story, in Chapter 2, Verse 30, the Lord said unto the angels ‘I am about to place a viceroy in the earth’, the angels wondered ‘will you make therein one who do harm and shed blood while we praise you and glorify you!’ , and the answer came ‘Surely I know that which you know not’. The point here is that the angels spoke out their concern that this viceroy will do harm and shed blood in the earth, while according to clear verses in Quran: nobody, including angels, knows what is in the future. It is then understood that the angles predicted the behavior of that viceroy from the wrong doings they are seeing from his ancestors in earth. Many other ideas from the revelation are discussed in the Arabic message, the above are just two. However, the writer admits that those ideas are not accepted by almost all Muslim scholars but none of the presented views contradict the clear verses in Quran.

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